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The Crypt Cast Starring Nathan Hill, Sarah Oh, Mike Ranallo, Abra May, Cristen Irene

The Crypt Directed by Craig McMahon

1,161 votes, 2.04 / 5 avg. rating (40% score)

Synopsis: Six young criminals break into hidden catacombs and attempt to steal jewels, but some inhabitants are guarding the precious belongings. After being trapped in this dark maze of crypts, the group tries to escape alive.

Tagline: Some things are better left buried.

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The Crypt Cast: Nathan Hill, Sarah Oh, Mike Ranallo, Abra May, Cristen Irene, Joanna Ke, Delaina Stevens, R. Keith Wilson, Michael David Hill, Hollywood Yates, Seth Gandrud, Savanah McMahon, E. Adam Thomas, Savanah D. McMahon
The Crypt Directors: Craig McMahon
The Crypt Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Year: 2009
Runtime: 84 / 1h 24min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Cecil Chambers, Nathan Hill, Craig McMahon
Musicians: Craig McMahon
Cinematographers: Craig McMahon
Editors: Craig McMahon

Language: English, Spanish
Country: USA
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