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The Resurrected Cast Starring Deep Roy, Chris Sarandon, Paul Jarrett, John Terry, Serge Houde

The Resurrected Directed by Dan O'Bannon

3,031 votes, 2.69 / 5 avg. rating (53% score)

Synopsis: Charles Dexter Ward"s wife enlists the help of a private detective to find out what her husband is up to in a remote cabin owned by his family for centuries.

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The Resurrected Cast: Deep Roy, Chris Sarandon, Paul Jarrett, John Terry, Serge Houde, Eric Newton, Bernard Cuffling, Philip Maurice Hayes, James Grant, Robert Romanus, Ken Camroux-Taylor, Patrick P. Pon, Gordie Herron, Robert Sidley, James Ralph, Des Smiley, Tom Shorthouse, Jim Smith, Megan Leitch, Elizabeth Barclay, J.B. Bivens, Charles K. Pitts, Judith Maxie, Joan O'Donahue, Scott J. Ateah, Todd Masters, Deborra Hope, Keith Hay, Greg Allen, Lee Matheson
The Resurrected Directors: Dan O'Bannon
The Resurrected Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Year: 1991
Runtime: 108 / 1h 48min
MPAA Rating: R
Nominations: 2
Writers: H.P. Lovecraft, Brent V. Friedman
Producers: Mark Borde, Tom Broadbridge, Kenneth Raich, Shayne Sawyer, Tony Scotti
Musicians: Richard Band
Cinematographers: Irv Goodnoff
Editors: Russell Livingstone

Production: Live Home Video
Language: English
Country: Canada, USA
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