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Prisoner X (2016) Movie Poster
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Prisoner X Cast Starring Julian Richings, Michelle Nolden, Stewart Arnott, Dru Viergever, Nigel Bennett

Prisoner X Directed by Gaurav Seth

448 votes, 2.53 / 5 avg. rating (50% score)

Synopsis: As the world rages in war and civil strife, a CIA agent arrives at a secret underground prison to interrogate a time-traveling terrorist, who she believes is responsible for the unfolding catastrophe.

Tagline: We can"t change the past. But we can create a new one.

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Prisoner X Cast: Julian Richings, Michelle Nolden, Stewart Arnott, Dru Viergever, Nigel Bennett, Jim Codrington, Gianpaolo Venuta, Romano Orzari, Jessica Greco, Damon Runyan, Vladimir Jon Cubrt, Andrew Lichti-Lee, Alex Harrouch, Shawn C. Orr, Keira McNeice
Prisoner X Directors: Gaurav Seth
Prisoner X Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi
Year: 2016
Runtime: 90 / 1h 30min
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 2
Nominations: 5
Writers: Robert Reed, Gaurav Seth
Producers: Robyn Bigue, Laurel Bresnahan, Bakul Dhar, Paul Duder, Avi Federgreen, Dean Hooker, Michelle Nolden, Romano Orzari, Will Pascoe, Rashmi Rekha, Marvin Waxman
Musicians: Patric Caird
Cinematographers: Sam Pryse-Phillips
Editors: Angela Jekums

Language: English
Country: Canada