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  • In Theaters: Jul 04, 2014
  • DVD: Aug 05, 1997
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Horror Express Cast Starring Christopher Lee , Peter Cushing, Fernando Villena, Juan Olaguivel, José Marco

Horror Express Directed by Eugenio Martín, Eugenio Martín

7,473 votes, 3.05 / 5 avg. rating (61% score)

Synopsis: In 1906, in China, a British anthropologist discovers a frozen prehistoric creature and must transport it to Europe by train.

Tagline: Can it be stopped?

Horror Express Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Fernando Villena, Juan Olaguivel, José Marco, Peter Beckman, Telly Savalas, Faith Clift, Víctor Israel, Hiroshi Kitatawa, Julio Peña, Allen Russell, José Canalejas, Helga Liné, Helga Liné, José Marco, Vicente Roca, Ángel del Pozo, Barta Barri, Julio Peña, Alberto de Mendoza, Víctor Israel, Silvia Tortosa, José Jaspe, Ángel del Pozo, José Canalejas, George Rigaud, Alice Reinheart, José Jaspe
Horror Express Directors: Eugenio Martín, Eugenio Martín
Horror Express Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Year: 1972
Runtime: 84 / 1h 24min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Arnaud d'Usseau, Julian Zimet
Producers: Bernard Gordon, Gregorio Sacristán
Musicians: John Cacavas
Cinematographers: Alejandro Ulloa
Editors: Robert C. Dearberg

Production: Scott Entertainment
Website: http://www.severin-films.com/2011/11/22/horror-express/
Language: English
Country: UK, Spain
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