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See No Evil (1971) Movie Poster
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See No Evil Cast Starring Mia Farrow, George Hilsdon, Lila Kaye, Reg Harding, Scott Fredericks

See No Evil Directed by Richard Fleischer

2,311 votes, 2.9 / 5 avg. rating (58% score)

Synopsis: A young blind woman is pursued by a maniac while staying with family in their country manor.

Tagline: Keep your eyes on what she cannot see- the boots, the bracelet, the bodies...

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See No Evil Cast: Mia Farrow, George Hilsdon, Lila Kaye, Reg Harding, Scott Fredericks, Barrie Houghton, Christopher Matthews, Michael Elphick, Dorothy Alison, Robin Bailey, Diane Grayson, Brian Rawlinson, Norman Eshley, Paul Nicholas, Max Faulkner, Donald Bisset
See No Evil Directors: Richard Fleischer
See No Evil Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Year: 1971
Runtime: 89 / 1h 29min
MPAA Rating: G
Producers: Basil Appleby, Leslie Linder, Martin Ransohoff
Musicians: Elmer Bernstein
Cinematographers: Gerry Fisher
Editors: Thelma Connell

Production: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Language: English
Country: UK