Digging Up the Marrow (2014) Movie

Digging Up the Marrow
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: February 20, 2015

Starring Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Ray Wise, Lloyd Kaufman
Directed by Adam Green
248 votes, 2.4 / 5 avg. rating (48% score)

Adam Green"s Digging Up the Marrow (2014) now has an amazing poster attached to the new movie via EW. Digging Up the Marrow has yet to release a movie trailer but that should release real soon. Digging Up the Marrow releases in movie theaters and on VOD this upcoming February 20, 2015. Cast in Digging Up the Marrow (2014) are Ray Wise, Adam Green and Will Barratt.

Synopsis from Adam Green"s Official Site:

When filmmaker Adam Green receives a package in his fan mail from a strange man claiming that he can prove that monsters indeed exist, he and his crew are taken on a mysterious, fantastical, and terrifying journey into the shadows and deep down under the ground below our very feet. Inspired by the art of Alex Pardee and starring Ray Wise (TWIN PEAKS, X-MEN FIRST CLASS), DIGGING UP THE MARROW has shaped up to be the most unique ArieScope film to date as its real-life documentary style blends reality with fantasy in a way that will leave even the most hardcore skeptic believing in the existence of monsters. ”You will believe.”

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Cast: Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Ray Wise, Lloyd Kaufman, Tom Holland, Steve Agee, Steven Barton, Mick Garris, Rileah Vanderbilt, Adam Green, Laura Ortiz, Josh Ethier, Corri English, Sarah Elbert, Joe Lynch, Alex Pardee, Dave Brockie, Don Coscarelli, Evan Dickson, Caitlyn Brisbin, Jimmy McCarthy, Nic Henley, Robert Pendergraft, Arwen Green, Mathew Waters, Will Barratt
Directors: Adam Green
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy, Biography
Year: 2014
Runtime: 89 /
Nominations: 4
Writers: Adam Green
Producers: Adam Green, Andrew Mysko, Cory Neal, Alex Pardee
Musicians: Bear McCreary
Cinematographers: Will Barratt
Editors: Will Barratt, Josh Ethier, Adam Green

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