Dave Made a Maze (2017) Movie

Dave Made a Maze
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: August 18, 2017
  • VOD: August 18, 2017
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Starring Rick Overton, Scott Krinsky, Timothy Nordwind, Brittney Deutsch
Directed by Bill Watterson
10 votes, 3 / 5 avg. rating (60% score)

Synopsis: Dave, an artist who has yet to complete anything significant in his career, builds a fort in his living room out of pure frustration, only to wind up trapped by the fantastical pitfalls, booby traps, and critters of his own creation.

Cast: Rick Overton, Scott Krinsky, Timothy Nordwind, Brittney Deutsch, Scott Narver, Frank Caeti, Adam Busch, Jessica Graves, James Urbaniak, John Hennigan, Kirsten Vangsness, Kamilla Alnes, Stephanie Allynne, Nick Thune, Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Etienne Eckert, Drew Knigga
Directors: Bill Watterson
Genres: Horror, Comedy, Adventure
Year: 2017
Runtime: 80 /
Awards: 11
Nominations: 2
Writers: Steven Sears, Bill Watterson
Producers: John Chuldenko, Carlos Cuscó, Etienne Eckert, Emerson Machtus, John Charles Meyer
Musicians: Mondo Boys
Cinematographers: Jon Boal
Editors: David Egan

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