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  • In Theaters: Sep 26, 2017
  • Digital HD: Sep 28, 2017
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#FromJennifer Cast Starring Derek Mears, Tony Todd, Aaron Abrams, Neil W. Garguilo, Trae Ireland

#FromJennifer Directed by Frank Merle

82 votes, 2.64 / 5 avg. rating (52% score)


An actress becomes obsessed with internet fame after her manager drops her for not having enough of a social media presence.


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#FromJennifer Cast: Derek Mears, Tony Todd, Aaron Abrams, Neil W. Garguilo, Trae Ireland, Chrissy Cannone, Sarah Allyn Bauer, Chris Mathieu, Kurt Scholler, Justin Michael Terry, Kurt Maloney, Danielle Taddei, Matt Holbrook, Ryan Marsico, Charles Chudabala, Travis Richardson, Christian Ackerman, Flannery Maney, Devin Reeve, Emlee Vassilos, Emily Dahm, Jenny Brezinski, Alex Napiwocki, Jordan Mitchell, Raymond Vinsik Williams, Keith Korneluk, Erin Killean, Mike Capes, Jason Murphy, Curtis Kingsley
#FromJennifer Directors: Frank Merle
#FromJennifer Genres: Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Alias: From Jennifer
Year: 2017
Runtime: 85 / 1h 25min
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 7
Writers: James Cullen Bressack, Frank Merle
Producers: James Cullen Bressack, Warren Croyle, Hunter Johnson, Frank Merle
Musicians: Kevin MacLeod

Language: English
Country: USA

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