Witch Hunt (2016) Movie

Witch Hunt
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Starring Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Angel Connell, Jack Shipley, Tom Pomfret
Directed by Richard Chandler
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Synopsis: When a peaceful town is overrun by evil, an honest priest begins to struggle with his faith.

Tagline: Send the devil to do God"s work...

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Cast: Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Angel Connell, Jack Shipley, Tom Pomfret, Annabel Lee Ketchen, Kyle Viveiros, Carver Riot, Lilith Astaroth, Nicole Sarmiento, Aaron Petkiewich, Sam Hays, Katie Petkiewich, Lucca Drummond, Jan Waldman, Jim Baker, Burnham Holmes, Jessica Rockwood, Jody Celentano, Louise Hawko, Tony Ramos Wright, Mary Mack, Jake Vaughan, David McDonough, Nola Marie, Johnny Donaldson, Rachel Day, Georgia Rose Matlack, Lynn Julian, Nicole Bruno, Ken Holmes
Directors: Richard Chandler
Genres: Horror, Short
Year: 2016
Runtime: 53 /
Writers: Richard Chandler
Producers: Jean Chandler, Richard Chandler, Steve Sandberg
Cinematographers: Nick Norrman
Editors: Richard Chandler

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