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Blue Sunshine (1977) Movie Poster
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Blue Sunshine Cast Starring Brion James, Barbara Quinn, Jim Storm, James Carroll, Bill Sorrells

Blue Sunshine Directed by Jeff Lieberman

2,153 votes, 3.53 / 5 avg. rating (70% score)

Synopsis: A bizarre series of murders begins in Los Angeles, where people start going bald and then become homicidal maniacs. But could the blame rest on a particularly dangerous form of LSD called Blue Sunshine the murderers took ten years before?

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Blue Sunshine Cast: Brion James, Barbara Quinn, Jim Storm, James Carroll, Bill Sorrells, Adriana Shaw, Bill Adler, Jeff Lieberman, Jeffrey Druce, Meegan King, Argentina Brunetti, Laura Booker, Richard Crystal, David Schwartz, Steve Tannes, Stefan Gierasch, Sandy Robertson, Mary Moon, Mark Goddard, De Ette Adams, Zalman King, Bill Cameron, Robert Walden, Deborah Winters, Brandy Carson, Charles Siebert, Marcy Hanson, Ann Cooper, Phyllis Glick, Ray Young
Blue Sunshine Directors: Jeff Lieberman
Blue Sunshine Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 1977
Runtime: 94 / 1h 34min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Joseph Beruh, Edgar Lansbury, George Manasse, Nan Pearlman
Musicians: Charles Gross
Cinematographers: Don Knight
Editors: Brian Smedley-Aston

Production: New Video Group
Language: English
Country: USA
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