Ghost Witch (2015) Movie

Ghost Witch
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Starring Chuck Clark, Anthony B. Harris, Chase Steven Anderson, Elizabeth Barrett
Directed by Joseph Lavender
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Synopsis: A group of rag-tag paranormal investigators get more than they bargain for when they research an old local urban legend for a disturbed local girl.

Tagline: Sometimes Urban Legends are much more than just legends.

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Cast: Chuck Clark, Anthony B. Harris, Chase Steven Anderson, Elizabeth Barrett, Joseph Lavender, Stephen Dixon, Gregory French, Christopher Payne, Mandi Christine Kerr, Lorynn York, Mandee Bloodworth, Star Phyfe, Travis Breedlove, Aaron Kendall Pridemore, Slade Curtis, Lesley E. Warren, Morgan Dasher, Brad Worch II, Walter Robert Duckworth, Lisa Fulford, Aidan Gallagher, Pete Ganas, Sammy Harley, Morgan Hennum, April Hollingsworth, Samantha Katelyn, Sabin Lavender, William Mahnken, Josh Sinyard, Katie McKenzie
Directors: Joseph Lavender
Genres: Horror
Alias: The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie
AKA(s): Ghost Witch
Year: 2015
Runtime: 97 /
Writers: Joseph Lavender, Jarrod Musselwhite
Producers: Lin Barnes, Ann Bennett, Travis Breedlove, Ian del Carmen, Stephen Dixon, Brenda Phillips
Musicians: Aaron Srdoc
Cinematographers: Steven Gallagher, Chad Hudson, Joseph Lavender
Editors: Joseph Lavender, Shaun Pontsler

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