Final: The Rapture (2013) Movie


Final: The Rapture
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: September 13, 2015
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Starring William Thomas Jones, Hugh Mun, Kerry-Ann Ellington, Eliezer Ortiz
Directed by Timothy A. Chey
72 votes, 2.75 / 5 avg. rating (55% score)

Timothy A. Chey"s Final: The Rapture (2014) is a really low budget film that is also wondering if you are ready for the rapture. In case you did not know what the rapture is, simply... it is when the good people in the world are taken to heaven while the rest are left to fend for themselves. The movie looks a little too low budget and bad acting for me. Cast in Final: The Rapture are Dave Edwards, Jon Briddell, William Thomas Jones and Masashi Nagadoi.


A gritty, international tale of four separate stories woven together by a common theme: the Rapture.
Cast: William Thomas Jones, Hugh Mun, Kerry-Ann Ellington, Eliezer Ortiz, Jacob Peacock, Alisha Smith, Lauren Dunton, Antonella Saldicco, Ricky Ryba, Tim Eichel, Tama Soliai, Jon Briddell, Peter Dawson, Akapo Fiapai, Ricky Sua'ava, Gabrielle Whittaker, David Galea'i, Nisteni Taka, Edmond Choi, Julias Alex Gilfiley, Jonah Vatunigere, Morgan Scott, Aaron Groben, John J. Vogel, Jah Shams, Mark Strohman, Yuji Hatori, Alena Downs, Mary Grace, Stephanie Rojas
Directors: Timothy A. Chey
Genres: Thriller
Year: 2013
Runtime: 90 /
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Writers: Timothy A. Chey
Producers: R. Julie Burnett, Susan F. Chey, Timothy A. Chey, S. Marc Clooney, Cindy Dolenc, Todd Kim, A. Christopher Purdy, V. Carol Rosenthal, Anna Sims, David Turrell
Cinematographers: Takashi Asa, Javier Biscoff, Timothy A. Chey, Jamie Smith
Editors: Timothy A. Chey, S. Michael Rosen Jr.

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