Piranha Sharks (2014) Movie


Piranha Sharks
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: August 08, 2014
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Starring Frederic Doss, Kevin Sorbo, Josh Hammond, Benjamin Kanes
Directed by Leigh Scott
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Leigh Scott"s Piranha Sharks (2014) is not Sharknado but I would watch Piranha Sharks in a heartbeat. Piranha Sharks features highly aggressive mutated sharks and the movie looks like it was done well. Kevin Sorbo even shows up in the horror comedy movie. Haven"t seen it yet but will make time. Cast in Piranha Sharks are Collin Galyean, Ramona Mallory and Josh Hammond.


Great white sharks bio-engineered to be the size of piranhas with the purpose of living in rich people's exotic aquariums terrorize New York City when they get into the water supply and do what great white sharks do best.
Cast: Frederic Doss, Kevin Sorbo, Josh Hammond, Benjamin Kanes, Alexandra Turshen, Brandon Stacy, Leila Knight, Alix Maria Taulbee, Martin Ewens, Angelo Thomas, Kristina Page, Jeffrey Voice, Al Snow, Raffaela Perra O'Neill, Jessica Sonneborn, Allen Sarven, Noel Thurman, Raffaela Perra, Barry Ratcliffe, LeAnn England, Michael Pantozzi, Errington Bourne, Jose Canseco, Collin Galyean, Dillon Geyselaers, Ramona Mallory, Davey Love, John Wells, Giovanni Sanseviero, Jon-Christian Costable
Directors: Leigh Scott
Genres: Horror, Comedy
Year: 2014
Runtime: 79 /
Writers: Barney Burman, Mark Burman, Leigh Scott
Producers: Nicole Antoine, Barney Burman, Mark Burman, Jeff Caperton, Benjamin Kanes, Matthew Ladew, Ramona Mallory, Bill McAdams Jr., Paul Mollan, Jay Allen Richardson, Donald Rivers, Leigh Scott, Noel Thurman
Musicians: Ramona Mallory
Cinematographers: Leigh Scott
Editors: Ramona Mallory, Leigh Scott

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