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Escape Room Cast Starring Sean Young, Skeet Ulrich, Randy Wayne, Corbin Timbrook, Matt McVay

Escape Room Directed by Peter Dukes

2,177 votes, 2.22 / 5 avg. rating (44% score)

Synopsis: four friends who partake in a popular Los Angeles escape room, owned by Brice (Ulrich), and find themselves stuck with a demonically possessed killer...

Tagline: Four friends. One room. One hour. One killer.

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Escape Room Cast: Sean Young, Skeet Ulrich, Randy Wayne, Corbin Timbrook, Matt McVay, Hayley McLaughlin, Taylor Piedmonte, John Davis Walker, Christine Donlon, Ashley Gallegos, Hayley Goldstein, Iyad Hajjaj, Abraham Justice, Shelby Janes
Escape Room Directors: Peter Dukes
Escape Room Genres: Horror
Year: 2017
Runtime: 86 / 1h 26min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Ron Althoff, Luke Bertino, Jacov Bresler, Al Even, Harel Goldstein, Shelby Janes, Charles Morris Jr., John Rogers, Rick Romano, Emily Hunter Salveson, Corbin Timbrook
Musicians: D.E. Christensen, Deputi
Cinematographers: Pierluigi Malavasi
Editors: Eric Won

Production: Lionsgate
Language: Arabic, English
Country: USA
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