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  • In Theaters: May 20, 2015
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The Chair Cast Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Zach Galligan, Ezra Buzzington, Joseph Pilato, Tomas Boykin

The Chair Directed by Chad Ferrin

59 votes, 3.16 / 5 avg. rating (63% score)

Chad Ferrin"s The Chair (2015) has Roddy Piper, Zach Galligan and Bill Oberst Jr., enough said. Okay, seriously, this film is a crime horror thriller that sounds a little too tried and done too many times. Maybe the cast can really make the difference here. The plot is about a corrupted Warden (Oberst Jr.) who kills his death row prisoners and one innocent man has to survive this corrupted official. Also starring in The Chair are Naomi Grossman and Noah Hathaway.

The Chair Plot Synopsis:

Based on the Alterna Comics graphic novel of the same name, THE CHAIR follows the story of Richard Sullivan, a man on death row, struggling to escape a grisly fate. Pitted against a sad**tic Warden and his crew of cruel prison guards, Sullivan is forced to confront his own horrifying past as he questions his sanity at every turn.
The Chair Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Zach Galligan, Ezra Buzzington, Joseph Pilato, Tomas Boykin, Roddy Piper, Timothy Muskatell, Noah Hathaway, Derrick Damions, Robert Rhine, Michael Berthold, Jack Delyra, Brent Anthony, Andrew Marheineke, Joe Laurinaitis, Harley Burks, Zebadiah DeVane, Jacob Banser, Susan Eisenberg, Naomi Grossman, Kin Shriner, Kyle Hester, Christian Hutcherson, John Siciliano
The Chair Directors: Chad Ferrin
The Chair Genres: Horror, Thriller, Crime
Year: 2016
Runtime: 84 / 1h 24min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Erin Kohut, Peter Simeti
Producers: Chris Bell, Althea Champagnie, Joshua L. Covarrubio, Derrick Damions, Jeremy Davids, Shab Davids, Scott C. Davis, Zebadiah DeVane, William R. Fenton, Jonathan Hatley, Kendall Hawley, Kyle Hester, Jes Pececita Joule, Erin Kohut, Andrea J. Lee, William Raymond Meeker, Timothy Morse, Francisco J. Pereira, Ryan Platten, Robert Rhine, Brian F. Sieber, Ellen Simeti, Jessica Simeti, Peter Simeti, Craig Walendziak, Chrissie Walker-Hong, Peter Ward-Edwards, John Wassberg
Musicians: Douglas Edward
Cinematographers: Christian Janss
Editors: Jahad Ferif

Language: English
Country: USA
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