Alleluia (2014) Movie


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  • In Theaters: July 17, 2015
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Starring Renaud Rutten, Édith Le Merdy, Philippe Résimont, Lola Dueñas
Directed by Fabrice Du Welz
37 votes, 2.55 / 5 avg. rating (51% score)

Fabrice Du Welz"s Alleluia (2014) releases in movie theaters and VOD on July 17, 2015. This film is based on the true story of the Lonely Hearts Killers. Gloria (Lola Duenas) falls for hustler (Laurent Lucas) and decides to help him hustle more women. Cast in Alleluia are Lola Duenas, Laurent Lucas and Helena Noguerra.


Fervidly dark lovesick horror inspired by the real-life criminal duo, the Lonely Hearts Killers.
Cast: Renaud Rutten, Édith Le Merdy, Philippe Résimont, Lola Dueñas, Laurent Lucas, Héléna Noguerra, Anne-Marie Loop, Stéphane Bissot, David Murgia, Pili Groyne, Sorenza Mollica, Lara Persain
Directors: Fabrice Du Welz
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Romance
Alias: Alléluia
Year: 2014
Runtime: 93 /
Awards: 9
Nominations: 6
Writers: Fabrice Du Welz, Vincent Tavier, Romain Protat
Producers: Mathieu Bardou, Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Olivier Bronckart, Ludovic Delbecq, Laurence Denhaerinck, Fabrice Du Welz, Tatjana Kozar, Clément Miserez, Vincent Tavier, Bart Van Langendonck, Matthieu Warter
Musicians: Vincent Cahay
Cinematographers: Manuel Dacosse
Editors: Anne-Laure Guégan

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