Freaky Friday (1976) Movie

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Freaky Friday (1976) Movie Poster
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Freaky Friday Cast Starring Jodie Foster, Barbara Harris, John Astin, Marc McClure, Patsy Kelly

Freaky Friday Directed by Gary Nelson

10,384 votes, 3.03 / 5 avg. rating (60% score)

Synopsis: A mother and daughter find their personalities switched and have to live each other"s lives on one strange Friday.

Tagline: Annabel and her Mother are not quite themselves today- in fact, they"re each other! [UK]

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Freaky Friday Cast: Jodie Foster, Barbara Harris, John Astin, Marc McClure, Patsy Kelly, Laurie Main, Don Carter, Robert Karvelas, Kaye Ballard, David Pollock, Ceil Cabot, Dick Winslow, Brooke Mills, Marvin Kaplan, Ruth Buzzi, Al Molinaro, Alan Oppenheimer, Iris Adrian, Barbara Walden, James Van Patten, Shelly Juttner, Marie Windsor, Charlene Tilton, Vicki Schreck, Lori Rutherford, Jack Perkins, Jack Sheldon, Karen Smith, Fuddle Bagley, Dick Van Patten
Freaky Friday Directors: Gary Nelson
Freaky Friday Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Family
Year: 1976
Runtime: 95 / 1h 35min
MPAA Rating: G
Writers: Mary Rodgers
Producers: Tom Leetch, Ron Miller
Musicians: Johnny Mandel
Cinematographers: Charles F. Wheeler
Editors: Cotton Warburton

Production: Disney
Language: English
Country: USA