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Absolution Cast Starring Brian Glover, Billy Connolly, Kevin Hart, David Bradley, Andrew Keir

Absolution Directed by Anthony Page

1,017 votes, 2.71 / 5 avg. rating (54% score)

Synopsis: At a Catholic public school, Benjamin Stanfield is tired of being the teacher"s pet and decides to play...

Tagline: Boyhood innocence. Deadly secrets. Burning truths.

Absolution Cast: Brian Glover, Billy Connolly, Kevin Hart, David Bradley, Andrew Keir, Julian Firth, Sharon Duce, Michael Bell, Richard Burton, Hilary Mason, Dan Meaden, Francis Fry, Dominic Guard, Tim Short, James Ottaway, Jon Plowman, Preston Lockwood, Robin Soans, Hilda Fenemore, Robert Addie, Philip Leake, Michael Crompton, Andrew Boxer, Richard Willis, Michael Parkhouse, Richard Kates, Michael Munn, Martyn Hesford, Trevor Martin, Clive Gehle
Absolution Directors: Anthony Page
Absolution Genres: Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Year: 1978
Runtime: 95 / 1h 35min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Alan Cluer, Denis Holt, Elliott Kastner, Danny O'Donovan, George Pappas
Musicians: Stanley Myers
Cinematographers: John Coquillon
Editors: John Victor Smith

Production: Trans World Entertainment
Language: English
Country: UK