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Scarce Cast Starring Matt Griffin, Steve Warren, John Geddes, Matt Wiele, Jesse Thomas Cook

Scarce Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook, John Geddes

916 votes, 2.24 / 5 avg. rating (44% score)

Synopsis: SCARCE depicts the gruesome fate of three lost snowboarders trapped at an isolated forest cabin owned by two menacing locals who harvest human flesh...

Tagline: How will anyone find you when you"ve been eaten?

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Scarce Cast: Matt Griffin, Steve Warren, John Geddes, Matt Wiele, Jesse Thomas Cook, Chris Rutte, Cindy Crossley, Melanie Brown, Steve Barrett, Ted Lye, Charis Chattell, Earl Haggard, Chris Struggle, John Cowan, Brian Cook, Murray Knowles, Devin Pearson, David Lever, Jeff Garland, Jason Derushie, Kevin Doner, Tom Sigsworth, Jeff Derushie, Leigh Nash, Jared Baldwin, Gary Fischer, Robert Greb, Amanda Ayers-Clements, Chris Warrilow, Jacob McNeil
Scarce Directors: Jesse Thomas Cook, John Geddes
Scarce Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 2008
Runtime: 93 / 1h 33min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: John Geddes, Jesse Thomas Cook
Producers: Trudy Ainley, Kenner Ames, Lance Burnham, Jesse Thomas Cook, Glenn Cowan, John Cowan, Susan A. Ecclestone, Kelly Foy, Michael Foy, John Geddes, Graham Hagan, Kim Hagan, Laurie Harvey, Wallie Harvie, Jim Jackson, Dawna Knowles, Murray Knowles, Zoey Knox, Blair Lesage, Chris Lesage, David Lever, Hayley Linfield, Cliff Marshall, Catherine McFadden, Monica Noble, Ross Peacock, Hugh Popham, Fred Reimer, Benjamin Tsui
Musicians: Dan Burns, John Geddes, Jacob McNeil
Cinematographers: John Lesavage
Editors: Jesse Thomas Cook, John Geddes, Jacob McNeil

Language: English
Country: Canada
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