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The Woods
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  • Netflix: April 05, 2016
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Starring Michael Smiley, Bojana Novakovic, Gary Lydon, Stuart Graham
Directed by Corin Hardy
31 votes, 3.35 / 5 avg. rating (67% score)

Corin Hardy"s The Hallow (2015), aka The Woods (2015), is a very ancient world scary film. Mankind has always been scared of the unknown that lurks in the woods and this horror film emerges us in that fact. Imagine that, in New England, there was a place where the evil fairies and banshees were, and they felt threatened. A new set of parents move to New England, and the father begins trampling into the wrong territory. This film looks like it may send some chills down your spine. Cast in The Hallow is Alan Archbold, Padraig Mac Cathmhaoil, and Seamus Mac Cathmhaoil.


A family who moved into a remote mill house in Ireland finds themselves in a fight for survival with demonic creatures living in the woods.
Cast: Michael Smiley, Bojana Novakovic, Gary Lydon, Stuart Graham, Stephen Cromwell, Michael McElhatton, Ryan Thorntan, Billie Traynor, Sean Tyrell, Luc Walsh, Charlotte Williams, Joss Wyre, Joseph Mawle, Wren Hardy, Alan Archbold, Padraig Mac Cathmhaoil, Seamus Mac Cathmhaoil, Padraig Feeney, Gerard Flatherty, James Meryk, Conor Craig Stephens
Directors: Corin Hardy
Genres: Horror
Alias: The Hallow
Year: 2015
Runtime: 97 /
Awards: 10
Nominations: 4
Writers: Corin Hardy, Felipe Marino, Tom de Ville
Producers: John Brady, Jules Claassen, Will Clarke, Cathleen Dore, Rory Gilmartin, John Jencks, Deirdre Levins, Michael J. Mailis, Felipe Marino, Brendan McCarthy, John McDonnell, Joe Neurauter, Kate Sharp, James Swarbrick, Jay Taylor, Susan Wrubel
Musicians: James Gosling
Cinematographers: Martijn van Broekhuizen
Editors: Nick Emerson

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