I'll Never Forget You (1951) Movie

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  • In Theaters: Dec 07, 1951
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I'll Never Forget You Cast Starring Hamlyn Benson, Catherine Boyle, Tom Gill, Richard Carrickford, Ronald Adam

I'll Never Forget You Directed by Roy Ward Baker

666 votes, 3.13 / 5 avg. rating (62% score)

Synopsis: A scientist obsessed with the past transports himself back in time to 18th-century London, where he falls in love with a beautiful young woman.

I'll Never Forget You Cast: Hamlyn Benson, Catherine Boyle, Tom Gill, Richard Carrickford, Ronald Adam, Jill Clifford, Dennis Price, Arthur Denton, Victor Maddern, Peter Drury, Michael Ward, Alec Finter, Kathleen Byron, Diane Hart, Felix Aylmer, Rose Howlett, Raymond Huntley, Gibb McLaughlin, Alex McCrindle, Anthony Pelly, Michael Rennie, Ronald Simpson, Ann Blyth, Katie Boyle, Tyrone Power, Beatrice Campbell, Irene Browne, Robert Atkins
I'll Never Forget You Directors: Roy Ward Baker
I'll Never Forget You Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Year: 1951
Runtime: 90 / 1h 30min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: John L. Balderston, Henry James, Ranald MacDougall
Producers: Sol C. Siegel
Musicians: William Alwyn
Cinematographers: Georges PĂ©rinal
Editors: Alan Osbiston

Production: 20th Century Fox
Language: English
Country: UK