Almost Mercy
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Starring Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Sean Leser, Eddie Resendes
Directed by Tom DeNucci
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Tom DeNucci"s Almost Mercy (2015) is a horror movie that features horror icons like Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley. The horror film revolves around two teenagers" descent into total meltdown as they seek a bitter revenge. The film became available in the US on May 26, 2015. Not really a film I would like to see as it too closely relates to those sickos who go into school and wreak havoc. Danielle Guldin, Allie Marshall, Jesse Dufault, and Kim Mulhauser also star in Almost Mercy.


Jackson and Emily aren't like the other kids. Two burgeoning sociopaths on the brink of total meltdown. Ticking time bombs seeking revenge. Who will unravel first?
Cast: Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Sean Leser, Eddie Resendes, Noel Ramos, Nick Principe, Lino Tanaka, David Gere, Roman Vangeli, Robert Glenn, Gwen Kosak, J.P. Valenti, Kim Mulhauser, Alexander Cook, Fred Sullivan Jr., Pamela Figueiredo, Pamela Figueiredo Wilcox, Tanja Melendez Lynch, Edmund Resendes, Darryl Lovell, Haley Pine, Denise Izzi, Renee Lawrie, Tess Degen, Monique Dupree, Stacey Forbes Iwanicki, Ian Lyons, Zafir Latessa, Brandon La Fleur, Abby Rain Heiser
Directors: Tom DeNucci
Genres: Horror
Year: 2015
Runtime: 85 /
Writers: Tom DeNucci, B. Dolan
Producers: Michael Chase, James Cillizza, Danielle Corsa, Raz Cunningham, Tom DeNucci, David Gere, David Lussier, Seth Rosenblit, Joshua Sason, Jonathon Schermerhorn, Chad A. Verdi, Michelle Verdi
Musicians: B. Dolan
Cinematographers: Sam Eilertsen
Editors: Sam Eilertsen

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Almost Mercy (2015) - Trailer

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