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  • Movie Release Dates / Halloweed Release Dates
  • In Theaters: Sep 19, 2016
  • Netflix: Jan 16, 2017
  • VOD: Oct 18, 2016
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Halloweed Cast Starring Danny Trejo , Ray Wise, David Hill, Greg Brown, Vince Corazza

Halloweed Directed by LazRael Lison, Lazreal Lison

489 votes, 2.1 / 5 avg. rating (42% score)

Synopsis: A comedic blend of murder, mystery and marijuana. Trying to escape the infamy of a serial killer father...

Halloweed Cast: Danny Trejo, Ray Wise, David Hill, Greg Brown, Vince Corazza, Simon Rex, Jason Mewes, Tom Sizemore, Robert Craighead, Jim O'Heir, Jacqui Holland, Johny Walsh, Lester Speight, David Barnes, Drew Davenport, Damon Kaylor, Eric Sweeney, Adam Kang, Dominic Pantone, Mouzam Makkar, Jax Turyna, Dominic Capone III, Shannon Brown, Mary Ann Strossner, Maryann Strossner, Michelle Mueller, Lauren Powers, Jayson Bernard, Suanne Hastings, Andy Milonakis
Halloweed Directors: LazRael Lison, Lazreal Lison
Halloweed Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action, Comedy, Adventure
Year: 2016
Runtime: 101 / 1h 41min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Michael Bussan, Dale Zawada
Producers: Jayson Bernard, Suzette Brown, Michael Bussan, Tatiana Chekhova, LazRael Lison, Roberto Rosario Jr., Jamie Trent
Musicians: Alex Kharlamov
Cinematographers: Jamie Trent
Editors: Brady Hallongren

Language: English
Country: USA
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