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  • In Theaters: Oct 01, 1995
  • DVD: Oct 22, 1996
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Piranha Cast Starring James Karen, Leland Orser, William Katt, Mila Kunis, Joey Aresco

Piranha Directed by Scott P. Levy

1,615 votes, 2.13 / 5 avg. rating (42% score)

Synopsis: The private investigator Maggie McNamara from Lyon Investigation is hired by the wealthy J.R. Randolph...

Tagline: Lost River Lake was a thriving resort... Until they discovered...

Piranha Cast: James Karen, Leland Orser, William Katt, Mila Kunis, Joey Aresco, Alexandra Paul, Soleil Moon Frye, John Nelson, Christopher Murphy, Kehli O'Byrne, Athena Ashburn, Drancy Jackson, Shannon Farrara, Richard Israel, Lorissa McComas, James Brodhead, Chelsea Madison-Ciu, David Parry, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Aaron Priceman, Ben Slack, Tracy Shakespeare, Gabriel Bologna, Monte Markham, Kevin Contreras, Kaz Garas, Rob Kerchner, Don Pedro Colley, Joshua D. Comen, Billie Worley
Piranha Directors: Scott P. Levy
Piranha Genres: Horror
Year: 1995
Runtime: 89 / 1h 29min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Richard Robinson, John Sayles
Producers: Roger Corman, Mike Elliott, Hisako Tsukuba
Musicians: Christopher Lennertz
Cinematographers: Christopher Baffa
Editors: John Gilbert, Robert L. Goodman

Production: Concorde/New Horizons Home Video
Language: English
Country: USA

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