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Bunker of the Dead (2015) Movie Poster
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Bunker of the Dead Cast Starring Patrick Jahns, Bernd Strack, Andreas Pape, Yvonne Köhler, Sarita Bradley

Bunker of the Dead Directed by Matthew O. Oaks, Matthias Olof Eich

322 votes, 2.19 / 5 avg. rating (43% score)

Synopsis: In the picturesque Bavarian town of Oberammergau, two friends, Markus and Thomas, are using the instructions found in an old Jewish diary to gain access to a WW II underground military base formerly codenamed: CERUSIT.

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Bunker of the Dead Cast: Patrick Jahns, Bernd Strack, Andreas Pape, Yvonne Köhler, Sarita Bradley, Christian Falk, Esther Maaß, Christopher Lee Meadows, Aciel Martinez Pol, Sebastian Badenberg, Christian Jungwirth, Esther Maaß, Peter Koller, Wesley Howard, Tobias Lampe, Yvonne Köhler, Carlos Lobo, Christoper Lee Meadows, Harald Pucher, Michael Abts, Clarissa Molocher, Werner Hofmann, Wesley Te Howard, Benjamin Nolde
Bunker of the Dead Directors: Matthew O. Oaks, Matthias Olof Eich
Bunker of the Dead Genres: Horror, Action, Comedy
Year: 2015
Runtime: 76 / 1h 16min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Matthias Olof Eich, Bernd Strack
Producers: Matthias Olof Eich, Marc Gabizon, Rainer Hoffmann, Patrick Jahns, Willi Kamarad, Yvonne Köhler, Rodja Pavlik, Moritz Peters
Musicians: Chris Weller
Cinematographers: Matthias Olof Eich
Editors: Matthias Olof Eich

Language: English
Country: Germany

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