Alientampon (2015) Movie


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Starring Tom Beck, Ramona Beckmann, Bejo Dohmen, Gerhard Fehn
Directed by Jan Zenkner
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Alientampon (2015) is directed by Jan Zenkner and has a weird poster, but funny. The tagline reads "Some Things are better left Unused." The tagline refers to the plot revolving around the outcome after a stupid student uses a nasty tampon and becomes mutated. Tom Beck, Ramona Beckmann, and Bejo Dohmen stars in Alientampon.


When an unsuspecting student inserts a blood soaked alientampon and mutates into a murdering monster, a group of students unite their forces in order to confront her with weapons and courage.
Cast: Tom Beck, Ramona Beckmann, Bejo Dohmen, Gerhard Fehn, Simon Gosejohann, Michael Jassin, Kathryn Julyana, Caroline Klütsch, Chachrist Kmongklad, Acerina Kox-Zambrano, Roland Sapper, Sarah Ulrich, Daniel Wiemer, Isabel Wiertz
Directors: Jan Zenkner
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Short
Year: 2015
Runtime: 3 /
Writers: Hanno von Contzen, Jan Zenkner
Producers: Christian De Boitte, Britta Lais, Max Lais, Christian von Contzen, Hanno von Contzen, Jan Zenkner
Cinematographers: Max Lais
Editors: Hanno von Contzen, Jan Zenkner

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