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Parts Unknown Cast Starring Melantha Blackthorne, William DeCoff, Renee Lawrie, Angel Connell, Jake Roberts

Parts Unknown Directed by Richard Chandler

22 votes, 2.61 / 5 avg. rating (52% score)

Synopsis: After putting their bodies on the line for countless years, a family of professional wrestlers seek a brand new way to satisfy an impeccable bloodlust.

Tagline: All beauty must die.

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Parts Unknown Cast: Melantha Blackthorne, William DeCoff, Renee Lawrie, Angel Connell, Jake Roberts, Robert Tye, Dirk Devlin, Jack Caron, Patil Roupelian, Arthur Bergoli, Aurora Grabill, Alexander Hauck, Ray Hryb, Jon Pierce, Stephen Cwiok, Erik Johnsen, George Raynor, James Balsamo, Brian Schiedel, Ian Price, John Callahan, Lizzie Havoc, Brandon Webb, Beau Douglas, Christina Costello, Christopher W. Reynolds, Barbara Gosselin, Georgia Rose Matlack, Sarah Michelle, Kyle Reynolds
Parts Unknown Directors: Richard Chandler
Parts Unknown Genres: Horror
Year: 2018
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Richard Chandler, Gia Dill, Mathew Fisher, Alexander Hauck, Steve Sandberg
Musicians: André Ferreira Fernandes, Michael Shiraef
Cinematographers: Denez McAdoo
Editors: Richard Chandler

Country: USA
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