Shark Killer (2015) Movie


Shark Killer
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Starring Arnold Vosloo, Erica Cerra, Grant Swanby, Hennie Bosman
Directed by Sheldon Wilson
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Sheldon Wilson"s Shark Killer (2015) is currently available on Google Play. A shark specialist is called in to track and kill a great white shark that swallowed a big diamond and returned it to its owner. The poster looks good and promises some real action while the movie trailer promises the same. Derek Theler, the gorgeous Erica Cerra, and Paul du Toit star in Shark Killer.


The services of shark killer Ace Hunter have been engaged by his brother Jake, the head of a West Coast crime ring...
Cast: Arnold Vosloo, Erica Cerra, Grant Swanby, Hennie Bosman, Henie Bosman, Nathan Wheatley, Derek Theler, Paul du Toit, Neels Van Jaarsveld, Wayne Harrison, Ashleigh van der Hoven, Joseph Mitchell, Paul Pieterse, Rory Acton Burnell, Chase Agulhas
Directors: Sheldon Wilson
Genres: Thriller, Action
Year: 2015
Runtime: 88 /
Writers: Richard Beattie, Sheldon Wilson
Producers: Leigh Clarke, Mark J. Levenstein, Christina O'Shea-Daly, Lance Samuels, Steven Silver, Neil Tabatznik, Mary Anne Waterhouse
Musicians: Mark Kilian
Cinematographers: Trevor Calverley
Editors: Marie Lou Gingras

Movie Trailer

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