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Alterscape Cast Starring Michael Ironside, Debbie Rochon, And Palladino, Alex Veadov, James Zeiss

Alterscape Directed by Serge Levin

1,355 votes, 2.65 / 5 avg. rating (53% score)

Synopsis: After a failed suicide attempt, a young man coping with loss and depression, submits to a series of trials that fine-tune human emotions, but his unique reaction to the tests send him on a journey that transcends both physical and perceived reality.

Tagline: I feel - therefore, I am

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Alterscape Cast: Michael Ironside, Debbie Rochon, And Palladino, Alex Veadov, James Zeiss, Tim Duquette, Mack Kuhr, Phil Cappadora, Charles Baker, George V. Andreakos, Ray Velazquez Jr., Antonio D. Charity, Alex Lane, Lauren Lembo, Sera-Lys McArthur, Valeriy Skvortsov, Kennedy Moronta, Hanna Edwards, Constance Wookey, Malik Squire, Olan Montgomery, Jeffrey C. Wolf, Oksana Mamchur, Ari Werlein, David Ryan McArthur, Erika Santosuosso, Alissa Arnold, Richard Bird, Tommy Florio, Brianna Lee
Alterscape Directors: Serge Levin
Alterscape Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Year: 2018
Runtime: 90 / 1h 30min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Skylar Apter, Anna Dunshee de Abranches, Nadi Gregory, Jon Keeyes, Jason Loughridge, Matthew D. Panepinto, Rick Spalla
Musicians: Simone Giuliani, Johnathan Ladino, Serge Levin
Cinematographers: Richard Clabaugh
Editors: Fran Clabaugh, Lucas Elliot Eberl

Language: English
Country: USA