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The Abandoned
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: January 08, 2016
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Starring Mark Margolis, Jason Patric, James Murtaugh, Louisa Krause
Directed by Eytan Rockaway
143 votes, 2.4 / 5 avg. rating (48% score)

Eytan Rockaway"s The Abandoned (2015), aka The Confines (2015), releases in movie theaters and on VOD this upcoming January 8, 2016. Jason Patric, Louisa Krause, and Mark Margolis star in this horror mystery thriller film that promises a lot of scares and creepy scenes. This film has relatively positive reviews so make sure you check it out soon.

Synopsis: Take a terrifying plunge into the warped mind of a disturbed young woman. Desperate to get her life back on track, the unstable Streak (Martha Marcy May Marlene"s Louisa Krause) takes a job as a security guard, working the graveyard shift at a once upscale, now abandoned apartment complex. But on her first night on duty, she discovers a horrifying presence lurking deep within the bowels of the decaying building. With her nerves already on edge, Streak must confront demons both real and imagined as she struggles to keep a grip on her sanity. Jason Patric (The Lost Boys) co-stars in this harrowing thrill ride.

Cast: Mark Margolis, Jason Patric, James Murtaugh, Louisa Krause, John Sampson, Lou Carbonneau, Carlos Velazquez, Henry Kelemen, Massiel Hernandez, Brandon Kieffer, Ezra Knight, Louisa Ward
Directors: Eytan Rockaway
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Alias: The Confines
AKA(s): The Abandoned
Year: 2015
Runtime: 86 /
Nominations: 3
Writers: Ido Fluk, Eytan Rockaway, Carlos Velazquez
Producers: Claudio Bellante, Eric Brenner, Lee Broda, Ido Fluk, Luca Garbero, Luigi Ghilardi II, Ryan Charles Griffin, Jeff Hoffman, Israel, Mike Landry, Allan Loeb, Jeff Rice, Eytan Rockaway, Gregory P. Shockro, Carlos Velazquez
Musicians: Max Aruj
Cinematographers: Zack Galler
Editors: Giacomo Ambrosini

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    THE ABANDONED Blu-ray / DVD Release Date DetailsEytan Rockaway‘s The Abandoned (2015), aka The Confines (2015), is getting a Blu-ray / DVD release this upcoming June 7, 2016, via Scream Factory. We will get the standard deleted scenes and alternate ending as bonus features. Jason Patric, Louisa Krause, and Mark Margolis star in The Abandoned.

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