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Amityville: No Escape (2016) Movie Poster
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Amityville: No Escape Cast Starring Woodsman , Matt Brassfield, Little Girl , Josh Miller, Lina

Amityville: No Escape Directed by Henrique Couto

143 votes, 1.96 / 5 avg. rating (39% score)

Synopsis: A group of college students go into the deep woods of the most haunted town in America to better understand fear - and they found it.

Tagline: No one leaves...

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Amityville: No Escape Cast: Woodsman , Matt Brassfield, Little Girl , Josh Miller, Lina , Allison Egan, George Wells , Stephen Arthur Alexander, Simon Tressler , Joni Durian, Tim , Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt, Ira Gansler, Katrina Gansler, Julia Gomez, Michael William Ralston, Duane West, Video Store Clerk , Video Store Clerk (as Matthew Brassfield) , Sarah Benning , Lisa Sheets , Elizabeth Wells
Amityville: No Escape Directors: Henrique Couto
Amityville: No Escape Genres: Horror
Year: 2016
Runtime: 78 / 1h 18min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Michael Raso, Eric Widing
Cinematographers: Henrique Couto
Editors: Eric Widing

Language: English
Country: USA

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