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  • DVD: Aug 09, 2011
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Frat House Massacre Cast Starring Jim Ford, Rachel Lewis, Rob Morris, Rane Jameson, Joe Bryant

Frat House Massacre Directed by Alex Pucci

199 votes, 2.61 / 5 avg. rating (52% score)

Synopsis: Set in the late 70s, this gritty and twisted film taps the physical and mental underpinnings of the meaning of the word "brother" in a way reminiscent of the best of late 70s grindhouse and early 80s slashers.

Frat House Massacre Cast: Jim Ford, Rachel Lewis, Rob Morris, Rane Jameson, Joe Bryant, Shane Thompson, Tyler Barnes, Ryan Ross, Bryan Webb, Eddie Melendez, Jason Morris, Leonor Melendez, Brenna Roth, John Bonavia, Tiffany Arnold, Jon Osbeck, Drew Pannebecker, Chris Prangley, Shane Cibella, Mark Remaly, Jon Fleming, Brandon Cole, Allyson Sereboff, Niki Rubin, Darell Day, Lisa DiCicco, Jeremy Dick, Karla Ungurean, Adam Simon, Meredith Dwyer
Frat House Massacre Directors: Alex Pucci
Frat House Massacre Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 2008
Runtime: 116 / 1h 56min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Alex Esber, Philip R. Garrett, Frank Grauman, Pete Jacelone, Scott Kirkpatrick, Alex Pucci
Musicians: Claudio Simonetti
Cinematographers: Alex Esber
Editors: Alex Esber

Production: Screamkings Productions
Language: English
Country: USA
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