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Holla Cast Starring Chriss Anglin, Rich Skidmore, Shelli Boone, Jeffrey L. Hampton, Young Sir

Holla Directed by H.M. Coakley

199 votes, 2.16 / 5 avg. rating (43% score)

Synopsis: Tells the story of a TV star who is stranded with seven of her friends in a cabin on the grounds of Camp Diamond Creek. Also trapped with the group is a murderous sociopath.

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Holla Cast: Chriss Anglin, Rich Skidmore, Shelli Boone, Jeffrey L. Hampton, Young Sir, Charles Porter, Menina Fortunato, Michael Bergin, Sophie Spicoli, Kimberly Barnett, Izabella Sevin, Robbyne Manning, Tionne Williams, Brandon Phillips, Kali Hawk, Melissa-Anne Davenport, Tommy Morgan Jr., Rachel Leigh Anderson, Paul Redd, Jamie Wroten, Twain Taylor
Holla Directors: H.M. Coakley
Holla Genres: Horror
Year: 2006
Runtime: 86 / 1h 26min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: H.M. Coakley, Camille C. Irons, Byron Taylor
Producers: Blondel Aidoo, Cal Coakley, Michael Z. Gordon, Jeffrey L. Hampton, Mark Holdom, Camille C. Irons, Vaughn Irons, Paul Redd
Musicians: Dennis Smith
Cinematographers: Ryan Postas
Editors: Zach Clark, H.M. Coakley

Production: Lionsgate
Website: http://www.hollathemovie.com/
Language: English
Country: USA
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