Witchboard III: The Possession (1995) Movie

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Witchboard III: The Possession (1995) Movie Poster
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Witchboard III: The Possession Cast Starring Cas Anvar, Richard Zeman, John Sanford Moore, Cedric Smith, Danette Mackay

Witchboard III: The Possession Directed by Peter Svatek

641 votes, 2.27 / 5 avg. rating (45% score)

Synopsis: Brian, an out-of-work stockbroker, is introduced by his landlord Mr. Redman to a new source of insider information: the Ouija! The Ouija makes him rich, but when Mr. Redman kills himself and Brian suffers a freak accident, Brian"s wife starts noticing changes in her husband...

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Witchboard III: The Possession Cast: Cas Anvar, Richard Zeman, John Sanford Moore, Cedric Smith, Danette Mackay, Addison Bell, Elizabeth Lambert, David Nerman, Donna Sarrasin, Renee Madeline Le Guerrier, Glenn Painter, Gwen Tolbart
Witchboard III: The Possession Directors: Peter Svatek
Witchboard III: The Possession Genres: Horror
Year: 1995
Runtime: 93 / 1h 33min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Jon Ezrine, Kevin Tenney
Producers: Jeff Geoffray, Walter Josten, Paul E. Painter, Danny Rossner, Anita Simand, Robin Spry
Musicians: Richard Grégoire
Cinematographers: Barry Gravelle
Editors: Denis Papillon

Production: Republic Pictures Home Video
Language: English
Country: Canada, USA
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