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Zombie Wars Cast Starring Adam Mayfield, Kristi Pearce, Daniel Stewart, Steven Stewart, Emma Jo Prior

Zombie Wars Directed by David A. Prior

869 votes, 1.93 / 5 avg. rating (38% score)

Synopsis: Fifty years after a world-wide zombie epidemic had begun, a small group of rebel soldiers learn that intelligent zombies have begun breeding humans for food. The soldiers plan an all-out war to rid the Earth of the flesh-eating monsters for good, as the rest of the surviving world"s population struggles to survive against the zombie hordes.

Tagline: Fight to survive... hell on earth

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Zombie Wars Cast: Adam Mayfield, Kristi Pearce, Daniel Stewart, Steven Stewart, Emma Jo Prior, Ward Nackley, Jack Vogel, Anthony Contreras, Jesse Mae Prior, John Conway, Erik Vanlier, Dylan Obney, Rose Alejandria, Mike Holley, John-Michael Thomas, Joslyn Kramer, Rose Testa, Joel Klug, Mariah Matteson, Wendy Valdez, Sean Johnson, Michael Charles Prior, Lexi Baker, Benjamin Cortes, Robert Buck, Brent Myerson, Derek Sanders, Claire Frost, David Polk, Marjorie Lynn
Zombie Wars Directors: David A. Prior
Zombie Wars Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Year: 2007
Runtime: 80 / 1h 20min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: James Hayward Brinkley, Bill Ferrell, James Khanlarian, David A. Prior, Ted Prior, Alan Roberts
Musicians: David M. Poole
Cinematographers: Frédéric Chaignat
Editors: David Alan, Alan Roberts

Language: English
Country: USA
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