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  • DVD: Jan 16, 2012
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Undocumented Cast Starring Peter Stormare, Jsu Garcia, Kevin Wiggins, Noah Segan, Castulo Guerra

Undocumented Directed by Chris Peckover

1,172 votes, 2.58 / 5 avg. rating (51% score)

Synopsis: A small group of documentary filmmakers chronicle the trials and inequities faced by Mexican illegal immigrants. When they join a group of families illegally crossing the border to record the experience firsthand, their truck is pulled over and detained. What happens next plunges their group into unimaginable horror.

Undocumented Cast: Peter Stormare, Jsu Garcia, Kevin Wiggins, Noah Segan, Castulo Guerra, Chad Brummett, Tina Borek, Amanda Fresquez, Arron Shiver, Greg Serano, Yancey Arias, Casey Adams, Chris Bentley, Jesus Mayorga, Scott Mechlowicz, Deborah Martinez, Nicholas Tucci, Rafael Herrera, Adam Kulbersh, Jose Jacinto Marquez, Lorél Medina, Giovanni Olsen, Christian Di Salvo, Greta Quezada, Alona Tal, Nya Serano, Marc Miles, Myrna Vigil, Christopher Fodge, Richard Christie
Undocumented Directors: Chris Peckover
Undocumented Genres: Horror
Year: 2010
Runtime: 96 / 1h 36min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Chris Peckover, Joe Peterson
Producers: Jessica Calder, Keith Calder, Josh Finn, Evan Wilson
Musicians: Brian Cachia
Cinematographers: Matt Gulley
Editors: Glenn Garland, Jim May

Production: IFC Films
Website: http://undoc.tumblr.com/
Language: English
Country: USA
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