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End Trip Cast Starring Michelle West, Jaren Mitchell, Aaron Jay Rome, Dean J. West, Joseph McRae

End Trip Directed by Aaron Jay Rome

518 votes, 3.36 / 5 avg. rating (67% score)

Synopsis: On a calm night in an average city a hardworking URYDE driver, Brandon, picks up just another fare, Judd. Using interactions that blur the lines between the technological world and the physical one, Judd explains a messy breakup. Brandon offers an empathetic ear and a sympathetic heart to his new friend to help him pick up the pieces. Aggregated profiles, algorithms, links, likes and comments bring people closer. But how close is too close?

Tagline: Just another night for URYDE driver, Brandon, until he picks up Judd and the night takes a few U-turns.

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End Trip Cast: Michelle West, Jaren Mitchell, Aaron Jay Rome, Dean J. West, Joseph McRae, Manon Pages, Ashley Lenz, Eric LeBlanc, Kristina Arntz, Nick Shoemaker, Jeff Oettle, Ramesh Koti Reddy, Judah Oettle, Evan Eyer, Jennifer Oettle
End Trip Directors: Aaron Jay Rome
End Trip Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 2018
Runtime: 85 / 1h 25min
MPAA Rating: R
Nominations: 3
Writers: Eric LeBlanc, Aaron Jay Rome
Producers: David Grashin, Zach Zorba Grashin, Ashley Lenz, Aaron Jay Rome, Murray Anthony Roth, Brandon Scott, Max Shifrin, Jeremy John Wells, Dean J. West, Michelle West, David S. White
Musicians: Tj Wilkins
Cinematographers: Mickey Gaidos, David S. White
Editors: Ryan Dufrene

Language: English
Country: USA
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