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The Dooms Chapel Horror
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Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Kyle Davis, Rebecca Lines, Wendy Keeling
Directed by John Holt, John William Holt
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John William Holt"s The Dooms Chapel Horror (2016) is expected to release on DVD and VOD this upcoming June 14, 2016. This film is a horror mystery thriller movie. Bill Oberst, Jr. is featured in The Dooms Chapel Horror as Jordan. Austin Madding, Abby Murphy, Shaun Gerardo, Josh Robinson, Josh Cornelius, Steve Crowley, Allan Walters, and Wendy Keeling star in The Dooms Chapel Horror.

Synopsis: From AGS Productions comes The Dooms Chapel Horror, a documentary-style horror film based in western Kentucky. Kyle Cole travels home, with a documentary team in tow, to see his family for the first time in a decade. When he gets home, a string of events set in place a decade ago begins to unfold.

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Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Kyle Davis, Rebecca Lines, Wendy Keeling, William Ryan Watson, Shaun Gerardo, Christopher Bower, Jill McLean, Steve Crowley, Terry R. Pinkston II, Nate Hargrove, Corey Kirkpatrick, Keagan Haney, Caleb Shore, Andrew Wiggins, Adam Moyers, Keirstyn Crown, Hank Quillen, Corianne Egan, Austin Madding, Barbie Clark, Abby Murphy, Julie Howard, Josh Cornelius, Mallory Panuska, Joshua Mark Robinson, Haley Howland, Alan Walters, Rick Bucy, Easton Lee McCuiston
Directors: John Holt, John William Holt
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Year: 2016
Runtime: 94 /
Nominations: 2
Writers: Jason Turner
Producers: Christopher Bower, Kyle Davis, Meghan Davis, Darcey Denton, Jason Denton, John William Holt, Jeremy Lee, Austin Madding, Matthew Roser, Jason Turner, Daniel Van Thomas, Andrew Wiggins
Musicians: Josh Coffey
Cinematographers: James Houk
Editors: Leland Schuler

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