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A Noite do Chupacabras (2011) Movie Poster
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A Noite do Chupacabras Cast Starring Walderrama Dos Santos, Foca Magalhães, Mayra Alarcón, Raul Lorza, Kika Oliveira

A Noite do Chupacabras Directed by Rodrigo Aragão

171 votes, 2.84 / 5 avg. rating (56% score)

Synopsis: Death and blood are in the middle of a feud between two families. Something creepy rounds the Silva Farm and makes its victims. The Carvalho Family, stuck to their past and hatred, can"t see the secular evil that approaches from the darken woods.

Tagline: A lot of blood will be shed

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A Noite do Chupacabras Cast: Walderrama Dos Santos, Foca Magalhães, Mayra Alarcón, Raul Lorza, Kika Oliveira, Margareth Galvão, Markus Konká, Joel Caetano, Ricardo Araújo, Alzir Vaillant, Jorgemar de Oliveira, Eduardo Moraes, Cristian Verardi, Afonso Abreu, Hermann Pidner, Milena Zacché, Petter Baiestorf, Fonzo Squizzo, Reginaldo Secundo
A Noite do Chupacabras Directors: Rodrigo Aragão
A Noite do Chupacabras Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy
Year: 2011
Runtime: 104 / 1h 44min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Mayra Alarcón, Ana Carolina Braga, Kika Oliveira, Hermann Pidner
Cinematographers: Secundo Rezende
Editors: Rodrigo Aragão

Language: Portuguese
Country: Brazil

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