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Planet Raptor Cast Starring Ted Raimi, Peter Jason, Musetta Vander, Bart Sidles, Serban Celea

Planet Raptor Directed by Gary Jones

288 votes, 1.9 / 5 avg. rating (38% score)

Synopsis: Year 2066: The raptors are not extinct and they proliferated in the quatres corners of the galaxy, leaving a very little place for humans. The only hope for the human race is a group of soldiers.

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Planet Raptor Cast: Ted Raimi, Peter Jason, Musetta Vander, Bart Sidles, Serban Celea, George Remes, Vanessa Angel, Steven Bauer, Florian Ghimpu, Christopher Troxler
Planet Raptor Directors: Gary Jones
Planet Raptor Genres: Sci-Fi
Year: 2007
Runtime: 87 / 1h 27min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Cindy Carroll, Sven Clement, Jeff Franklin, Barbara Kearney, Bob Perkis, Philip von Alvensleben
Musicians: Peter Bernstein
Cinematographers: Ron Forsythe

Language: English
Country: USA, Romania, Germany

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