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Night Wolf Cast Starring Simon MacCorkindale, Gemma Atkinson, Tom Felton, Josh Bowman, John Lynch

Night Wolf Directed by Jonathan Glendening

2,610 votes, 2.26 / 5 avg. rating (45% score)

Synopsis: Sarah Tyler returns to her troubled family home in the isolated countryside, for a much put-off visit. As a storm rages outside, Sarah, her family and friends shore up for the night, cut off from the outside world. But something comes out of the driving rain and darkness. Something that holds a dark secret so devastating that, in one night, it could wipe out the entire family.

Tagline: A deadly secret is coming home.

Night Wolf Cast: Simon MacCorkindale, Gemma Atkinson, Tom Felton, Josh Bowman, John Lynch, Sue Scadding, Isabella Calthorpe, Gabriel Thomson, Peter Gadiot, Antony De Liseo, Cornelius Clarke, Cassie
Night Wolf Directors: Jonathan Glendening
Night Wolf Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action
Year: 2010
Runtime: 81 / 1h 21min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Richard Charles, Duncan Napier-Bell, Nicholas Napier-Bell, Tom Reeve, Romain Schroeder, Andrew Somper
Musicians: Edward Bradshaw
Cinematographers: Jordan Cushing
Editors: Adrian Murray

Language: English
Country: UK

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