Nightmare on Elm Street Remake (2010) Movie

Nightmare on Elm Street Remake
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: April 30, 2010

Starring Clancy Brown, Kellan Lutz, Jackie Earle Haley, Dan Latham
Directed by Samuel Bayer
4 votes, 3.75 / 5 avg. rating (75% score) Platinum Dunes revives the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise with this reworking of slasher film legend Freddy Krueger, a deceased child killer who torments the dreams of the teenagers of Springwood, OH. Jackie Earle Haley picks up the killer"s mantle from series veteran Robert Englund with the reboot from music-video director Samuel Bayer.

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The spectre of a dead child rapist haunts the children of the parents who murdered him, stalking and killing them in their dreams.

Cast: Clancy Brown, Kellan Lutz, Jackie Earle Haley, Dan Latham, Andrew Fiscella, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara, Aaron Yoo, Holly Hawkins, Tommy Bartlett, Tony Domino, Peter A Kelly, Kurt Naebig, Judith Hoag, Pete Kelly, Christian Stolte, Charles E Tiedje, Roger Wiggins, Rob Riley, Bill Ibrahim, Giota Trakas, Thomas Kosik, Jessica J. Stowes, Tim Krueger, Joseph Mazurk, Joe DeVito, Thomas Dekker, Scott Lindvall, Katie Cassidy, Blaine Mallory
Directors: Samuel Bayer
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Alias: A Nightmare on Elm Street
AKA(s): A Nightmare on Elm Street 9
Year: 2010
Runtime: 95 /
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 2
Nominations: 11
Writers: Wesley Strick, Eric Heisserer, Wes Craven
Producers: Michael Bay, Richard Brener, Mike Drake, Andrew Form, Bradley Fuller, Walter Hamada, Erik Holmberg, Michael Lynne, Dave Neustadter, John Rickard, Robert Shaye
Musicians: Steve Jablonsky
Cinematographers: Jeff Cutter
Editors: Glen Scantlebury

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