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The Seventh Victim Cast Starring Ottola Nesmith, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., Kim Hunter, Howard M. Mitchell, Patti Brill

The Seventh Victim Directed by Mark Robson

4,759 votes, 4.05 / 5 avg. rating (81% score)

Synopsis: When her older sister Jacqueline disappears, Mary Gibson is forced to leave her private school and decides to travel to New York City to look for her. A bit naive and out of her depth, she is not quite sure how to go about finding her. Eventually she meets Gregory Ward, her sister"s husband and a mysterious psychiatrist, Dr. Louis Judd who claims to know of Jacqueline"s whereabouts. What she doesn"t realize is that her sister became involved with devil worshipers who now want to eliminate her for having revealed their existence.

Tagline: SLAVE to SATAN!

The Seventh Victim Cast: Ottola Nesmith, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., Kim Hunter, Howard M. Mitchell, Patti Brill, Mary Halsey, Wally Brown, Betty Roadman, Edith Conrad, Barbara Hale, Elizabeth Russell, Kernan Cripps, Lloyd Ingraham, Sarah Selby, Richard Davies, Tiny Jones, Cyril Ring, Lorna Dunn, Milton Kibbee, Eve March, Bud Geary, Adia Kuznetzoff, Erford Gage, William Halligan, Tom Conway, Hugh Beaumont, Henry Hebert, Wheaton Chambers, Marianne Mosner, Lou Lubin
The Seventh Victim Directors: Mark Robson
The Seventh Victim Genres: Horror, Drama, Mystery
Year: 1943
Runtime: 71 / 1h 11min
MPAA Rating: R
Nominations: 2
Writers: Charles O'Neal, DeWitt Bodeen
Producers: Val Lewton
Musicians: Roy Webb
Cinematographers: Nicholas Musuraca
Editors: John Lockert

Production: RKO Radio Pictures
Language: English, Italian, Latin, French
Country: USA

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