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Spirits of the Dead Cast Starring Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda, Vincent Price, Paul Cooper, Dakar

Spirits of the Dead Directed by Roger Vadim, Federico Fellini, Louis Malle

4,826 votes, 3.9 / 5 avg. rating (78% score)

Synopsis: Three directors each adapt a Poe short story to the screen: "Toby Dammit" features a disheveled drugged and drunk English movie star who nods acceptance in the Italian press and his producers fawn over him. "Metzengerstein" features a Mediveal countess who has a love-hate relationship with a black stallion - who, it turns out is really her dead lover. "William Wilson" tells the story of a sad**tic Austrian student with an exact double whom he later kills.

Tagline: the ultimate orgy of evil

Spirits of the Dead Cast: Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda, Vincent Price, Paul Cooper, Dakar, Federico Boido, John Karlsen, Raniero Dorascenzi, Andrea Esterhazy, Peter Dane, Nella Gambini, Irina Maleeva, Georges Douking, Paolo Giusti, Serge Marquand, Philippe Lemaire, Gabriel Lagay, Anny Duperey, Carla Marlier, Marco Messeri, Polidor, Renzo Palmer, Antonia Pietrosi, Jane Fonda, Andrea Fantasia, Monica Pardo, Maurice Ronet, James Robertson Justice, Anne Tonietti, Fides Stagni
Spirits of the Dead Directors: Roger Vadim, Federico Fellini, Louis Malle
Spirits of the Dead Genres: Horror, Drama, Mystery
Year: 1968
Runtime: 121 / 2h 01min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Edgar Allan Poe, Roger Vadim, Pascal Cousin
Producers: Raymond Eger, Alberto Grimaldi
Musicians: Diego Masson, Jean Prodromidès, Nino Rota
Cinematographers: Tonino Delli Colli, Claude Renoir, Giuseppe Rotunno
Editors: Franco Arcalli, Suzanne Baron, Ruggero Mastroianni, Hélène Plemiannikov

Production: Cocinor
Language: French, Italian, English
Country: France, Italy

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