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Island of Lost Souls (1932) Movie Poster
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Island of Lost Souls Cast Starring Bela Lugosi, James Dime, Robert Milasch, Paul Hurst, Charles Gemora

Island of Lost Souls Directed by Erle C. Kenton

6,945 votes, 4.28 / 5 avg. rating (85% score)

Synopsis: After his ship goes down, Edward Parker is rescued at sea. Parker gets into a fight with Captain Davies of the Apia and the Captain tosses him overboard while making a delivery to the tiny tropical island of Dr. Moreau. Parker discovers that Moreau has good reason to be so secretive on his lonely island. The doctor is a whip-cracking task master to a growing population of his own gruesome human/animal experiments. He does have one prize result, Lota the beautiful panther woman. Parker"s fortunes for escape look up after his fianc?e Ruth finds him with the help of fearless Captain Donohue. However, when Moreau"s tribe of near-humans rises up to rebel, no one is safe...

Tagline: TERROR! Stalked the Brush-Choked Island...Where Men Who Were Animals Sought the Girl Who Was All-Human!

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Island of Lost Souls Cast: Bela Lugosi, James Dime, Robert Milasch, Paul Hurst, Charles Gemora, Hans Steinke, George Irving, Leila Hyams, Jack Bardette, Schlitze, Evangelus Berbas, John George, Joe Bonomo, Harry Ekezian, Constantine Romanoff, Rosemary Grimes, Charles Laughton, Robert P. Kerr, Buster Brodie, Bob Kortman, Jack Walters, Alan Ladd, Tetsu Komai, Duke York, Richard Arlen, Kathleen Burke, Arthur Hohl, Stanley Fields
Island of Lost Souls Directors: Erle C. Kenton
Island of Lost Souls Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Year: 1932
Runtime: 70 / 1h 10min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Waldemar Young, Philip Wylie, H.G. Wells
Cinematographers: Karl Struss

Production: Paramount Pictures
Language: English, Cantonese
Country: USA

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