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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) Movie Poster
  • Movie Release Dates / Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Release Dates
  • In Theaters: Jan 27, 2017
  • Digital HD: May 02, 2017
  • Blu-ray 4K: May 16, 2017
  • Blu-ray: May 16, 2017
  • DVD: May 16, 2017
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 9
  • Overall Score: 6.21
  • IMDB: 5.6
  • MetaCritic: 4.9
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 3.6

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Cast Starring Brian Steele , Shawn Roberts , Milla Jovovich , Ali Larter , Jonathan Ray Buckhouse

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson

70,009 votes, 3.1 / 5 avg. rating (62% score)

Director/writer Paul W.S. Anderson returns with Milla Jovovich as Alice in the final Resident Evil movie in the franchise. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) was initially set with a release date in September (2016) but had to be pushed back due to Jovovich getting pregnant by director Anderson, they were married since 2009. This film was also known as Resident Evil: Insurgence, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil: Rising. The movie poster/trailers suggest that they are again emphasizing the high paced action sequences instead of focusing on more scares that real Resident Evil fans have been wanting for the last few films.

This iteration of the film will pick up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution (2012). Zombie survivors are making their final stand in Washington, D.C., but Alice learns that the Umbrella Corp. forces are gathering in Raccoon City to make a final strike. Alice will fight undead hordes and new mutants with the help of Wesker returning her superhuman abilities.

I will see this film regardless, but I hope they end the franchise with lots of creepy, scary moments and add more story to the film. I cannot help but feel that the last few movies had very little takeaways and left me feeling empty after watching them. As if I was mindlessly watching fight sequence after fight sequence.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Plot Synopsis:

Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity's final stand against the undead. Now, she must return to where the nightmare began - The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse.
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Cast: Brian Steele, Shawn Roberts, Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Jonathan Ray Buckhouse, Jared Harris , Kevin Durand , Jonathan Ray, Douglas Chapman , Sienna Guillory , Matthew G. Taylor , Oded Fehr , Wentworth Miller, Eric Mabius, James Purefoy, Spencer Locke, Tig Fong, Stephen Billington, Indra Ové, Indra Ové, Colin Salmon, Trevor Jones, Linden Ashby, Iain Glen, Carsten Norgaard, Liz May Brice, Boris Kodjoe, Raymond Olubawale, Chad Camilleri, Alain Chanoine
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Directors: Paul W.S. Anderson
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Year: 2016
Runtime: 107 / 1h 47min
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 2
Nominations: 3
Producers: Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, Samuel Hadida, Victor Hadida, Genevieve Hofmeyr, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Robert Kulzer, Martin Moszkowicz, Bernhard Thür, Janine van Assen
Musicians: Paul Haslinger
Cinematographers: Glen MacPherson
Editors: Doobie White

Box Office: $26,844,692
Production: Sony Pictures
Language: English
Country: UK, France, USA, Germany, South Africa, Canad

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