The Hollow (2016) Movie


The Hollow
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: October 07, 2016
  • VOD: October 07, 2016
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Starring William Sadler, William Forsythe, Ted Ferguson, Jeff Fahey
Directed by Miles Doleac
11 votes, 3.15 / 5 avg. rating (63% score)

Miles Doleac"s The Hollow (2015) releases in limited movie theaters and VOD on October 7, 2016, via Uncork"d Entertainment. We have listed the limited theaters screening this film below. William Sadler, Jeff Fahey, and William Forsythe star in The Hollow.

From the Press Release:

From writer-director Miles Doleac and Academy Award Winning Producer Lisa Bruce (The Theory of Everything) The Hollow - in theaters October 7 from Uncork"d Entertainment.

James Callis (Bridget Jones"s Baby) stars in the suspense thriller of the year, a stylish and gripping hybrid of Blood Simple and Twin Peaks that"ll have audiences on the edge of their seat.

When a U.S. congressman"s daughter passing through a small town in Mississippi dies in a mysterious triple homicide, a team of F.B.I. agents descends to investigate, the team"s brilliant but jaded lead agent battling demons both past and present, as his beautiful, tough-as-nails partner tries to hold him and the case together. They find a struggling and corrupt sheriff"s department, a shadowy and much-feared figure, who seems to be pulling all of the town"s strings from his mansion on the edge of town and a local victim with a strange connection to a number of the town"s most prominent figures.

The ensemble cast includes James Callis (TV"s Battlestar Galactica, Bridget Jones"s Baby), Christiane Seidel (Boardwalk Empire) William Sadler (TV"s Hawaii Five-0, The Shawshank Redemption), William Forsythe (TV"s Boardwalk Empire, Daredevil), Miles Doleac (TV"s Containment, The Magnificent Seven) and Jeff Fahey (TV"s Lost, TV"s From Dusk Till Dawn : The Series).

The Hollow will screen in the following theaters:

  • NY - Cinema Village
  • LA - Laemmle Theaters
  • Atlanta - Plaza Theater
  • Chicago - Facets Cinema
  • Cleveland - Tower City Cinemas
  • San Francisco - The Roxie
  • Houston - AMC Willowbrook
  • Boston - AMC Liberty Tree 20
  • Orlando - AMC Universal Cineplex
  • Washington D.C. - AMC Lexington
  • The Grand Theatre-Hattiesburg, MS
  • The Grand Theatre-D"Iberville, MS


When a U.S. congressman's daughter passing through a small town in Mississippi dies in a mysterious triple homicide...
Cast: William Sadler, William Forsythe, Ted Ferguson, Jeff Fahey, Garrett Hines, James Donald, Jana Allen, Bruce Locke, Robin Lee Canode, Miles Doleac, Jackson Beals, James Callis, Dalton Russell, Michael J. Bradford, Jessy Hughes, Kelly Lind, Sherri Eakin, Kamille McCuin, Sara Minerd, Stormy Macon, Portia Walls, Jim Gleason, Jase Payne, J.R. Rowell, David Warshofsky, Kaleb Benedict, Christiane Seidel, Bre'Anna Newborne, Escalante Lundy, Michael Randall
Directors: Miles Doleac
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Crime
Year: 2016
Runtime: 128 /
Awards: 3
Writers: Miles Doleac
Producers: Lisa Bruce, Anthony E. Cabral, John Lawrence Doleac, Miles Doleac, Brett Hays, Ryan H. Jackson, Kevin McGrail, Jase Payne, Mark Ryland, Mackenzie Westmoreland, Lindsay Anne Williams
Musicians: Clifton Hyde
Cinematographers: Ben McBurnett
Editors: D.J. Sing

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