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German Angst Cast Starring Désirée Giorgetti, Milton Welsh, David Masterson, Denis Lyons, David Bruckner

German Angst Directed by Jörg Buttgereit, Michal Kosakowski, Andreas Marschall

1,299 votes, 2.47 / 5 avg. rating (49% score)

Synopsis: Acclaimed writers and directors J?rg Buttgereit, Andreas Marschall, Michal Kosakowski are back behind the camera with a supreme feature film, controversial, mystical and disturbing. With a "fil rouge" of old images of Berlin scariest architecture, the film is built around three tales. The first episode, tells the story of a young girl who lives alone with her guinea pig in a dirty apartment in Berlin... is she alone? In the bedroom lies a man, bound and gagged... The second episode tells about a powerful "if-only" scenario in which a young deaf-mute couple is attacked by a group of hooligans. However, they are in possession of a mysterious talisman that could help them... In the last episode, a man stumbles upon a secret sex club that promises the ultimate sexual experience by using a drug made from the roots of the legendary Mandragora plant. The ecstatic experiences have horrific side effects...

Tagline: Three German tales of love, sex and death in Berlin.

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German Angst Cast: Désirée Giorgetti, Milton Welsh, David Masterson, Denis Lyons, David Bruckner, Kristina Kostiv, Daniel Faust, Rafal Konkol, Stephen Patrick Hanna, Chanan Gwen, Andreas Pape, Lucy Lane, Pawel Ptaszynski, Magdalena Ritter, Jutta Wolfert, Annika Strauss, Michal Dziewanowicz, Mariusz Zolnowski, Moon Suk, Therese Davies, Ewa Nurzynska, Tomasz Góralczyk, Ludo Vici, Jörg Buttgereit, Matthan Harris, Roman Szczeblewski, Artur Rozek, Corryp, Dennis Staats, Tomira Kowalik
German Angst Directors: Jörg Buttgereit, Michal Kosakowski, Andreas Marschall
German Angst Genres: Horror, Drama, Fantasy
Year: 2015
Runtime: 112 / 1h 52min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Jörg Buttgereit, Goran Mimica, Michal Kosakowski
Producers: Uli Aigner, Therese Davies, Elzbieta Elzanowska, Stephan Herzog, Klaus-Ewald Holst, Holger Hummel, Michal Kosakowski, Pawel Kosakowski, Michael Landgrebe, Aleksandra Leszczynska, Michel Merkt, Goran Mimica, Elias Savada, Andrea Staerke
Musicians: Fabio Amurri
Cinematographers: Sven Jakob-Engelmann
Editors: Michal Kosakowski, Andreas Marschall

Language: Polish, German, English, Ukrainian, Italian,
Country: Germany

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