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Battalion Cast Starring Daniel James, Shannon Gibson, Ellen Williams, Troy MacKinder, Rhiannon Watson

Battalion Directed by Michael Miller

503 votes, 1.67 / 5 avg. rating (33% score)

Synopsis: After a war against an enemy from another world breaks out in the South Pacific, a group of freshly recruited U.S. Marines are sent to the front lines.

Tagline: Our world is at war.

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Battalion Cast: Daniel James, Shannon Gibson, Ellen Williams, Troy MacKinder, Rhiannon Watson, Naveen Varghese, Stewart Kirkland, Kylie Loveday, Alexander Leopold, Lauren Lee Innis-Youren, Danxia Yang, Kyal Scott, Daniel Ilija James, Michael Thomson, Brandon Taylor-Cotton, Stu Kirk, Paula White, Darrell Plumridge, Kaushik Das, Emma Gibson, Chris Charteris, Andy Sparnon, James Storer, Daniel Green, Greg Stone, Andrew Pope, Samuel Peacock, Graham K. Furness, Jason Muller, Daniel Potts
Battalion Directors: Michael Miller
Battalion Genres: Sci-Fi
Year: 2018
Runtime: 94 / 1h 34min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Daniel Green, Christopher Malseed, Michael Miller

Production: High Octane Pictures
Language: English
Country: Australia