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Cam Cast Starring Melora Walters, Patch Darragh, Emily Berry, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Isa Mazzei

Cam Directed by Daniel Goldhaber

18,592 votes, 3.28 / 5 avg. rating (65% score)

Synopsis: -In Daniel Goldhaber and Isa Mazzei"s paranoid thriller "Cam," an erotic webcam performer finds her followers stolen by a doppelganger who hijacks her channel, pushes the sexual envelope farther, and otherwise seems determined to destroy her life. Call it identity theft of a sexy, possibly supernatural kind.

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Cam Cast: Melora Walters, Patch Darragh, Emily Berry, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Isa Mazzei, Michael Dempsey, Longmont Potion Castle, Carl Donelson, Lina Carter, Clint Jung, Zainne Saleh, John Rizkallah, Imani Hakim, Flora Diaz, Madeline Brewer, Samantha Robinson, Elijah Stevenson, Devin Druid, Quei Tann, Linda Griffin, Brayden Skoglund, Paris Peterson
Cam Directors: Daniel Goldhaber
Cam Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Year: 2018
Runtime: 94 / 1h 34min
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 5
Nominations: 3
Writers: Isa Mazzei, Daniel Goldhaber
Producers: Floris Bauer, Christa Boarini, Daniel Garber, Greg Gilreath, Adam Hendricks, Michael Joe, John H. Lang, Isabelle Link-Levy, Isa Mazzei, Couper Samuelson, Beatriz Sequeira
Musicians: Gavin Brivik
Cinematographers: Katelin Arizmendi
Editors: Daniel Garber

Language: English
Country: USA
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